When partying most people know how to have a good time but you must also know how to do so safely.


+  Look after your mates

+ Try to start with a small dose - to gauge your tolerance

+ It is a good idea to smoke in a safe environment and around friends - somewhere you feel comfortable

+  It can be risky to mix marijuana with other drugs, especially those that slow you down (CNS depressants)

+ It is a good idea to start with a joint as it is easier to monitor dose - smoking through a bong delivers a full dose in one hit, which can be overwhelming for a first-time user

+ Using a vaporiser is also a good alternative to smoking a joint or bong as it can help you avoid respiratory and other problems

+ It is illegal to drive when you have used marijuana



You can be that friend who makes the party better for everyone. Want to find out how?


+ Laughter
+ Physical relaxation
+ Increase in concentration
+ Increased appetite
+ Slowness
+ Change in vision
+ Sleepiness
+ Confusion

+ Stimulation
+ Blood shot eyes
+ Dry mouth
+ Cheek, jaw, facial tension
+ Loss of coordination
+ Agitation
+ Nausea
+ Anxiety


+ Mood lift
+ Euphoria

+ Deeper connection
  to music
+ Relaxation
+ Stress reduction

+ Closed eye visuals
+ Increased awareness
+ Deep thinking
+ Pain relief
+ Change of consciousness
+ Altered sense of time
+ Short term memory loss

+ Panic attacks (high doses)



+ Alcohol = nausea, vomiting

+ Hallucinogens = confusion, can lead to psychosis

+ Ecstasy = can intensify ecstasy effects

+ Methamphetamine (speed or ice) = confusion or psychosis

+ Not recommended if you suffer from: depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders, schizophrenia,
respiratory problems, heart problems.


+ Strength varies greatly from source to source so dosage will vary

+ A couple of puffs of a joint may be enough to feel the effects, particularly for a novice user

+ It is a good idea to start with a small dose



Total Duration:



Coming Down:

After Effects:

1 - 4 hours

0 - 10 minutes

15 - 40 minutes

45 - 180 minutes

12 - 24 hours

+ When smoked/vaporised: Onset almost immediate and the peak will last for around 2 hours

+ When eaten: Onset is around 1 - 2 hours with the peak lasting 3 - 4 hours. BE CAREFUL when eating cannabis in cookies etc. Wait at least 2 hours before re-dosing - it is very easy to accidentally consume too much due to the slow onset.


+ The drug will be active in your system for 4 hours and after you have stopped feeling the effects. It is important to take this into account if you are planning to use other drugs in conjunction with cannabis.

+ Roadside drug test: Detectable for at least 5 hours after use though it can be much longer with high frequency and dose.


Information provided by Harm Reduction Victoria's DanceWize program

Cannabis is a depressant drug, meaning it slows down your Central Nervous System (CNS), in high doses it can also cause psychedelic effects. It comes from Indian hemp plants cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Generally the buds of these plants are smoked to achieve the desired effects.



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