When partying most people know how to have a good time but you must also know how to do so safely.


MDMA is psychedelic stimulant and the intended active ingredient of Ecstasy. Ecstasy is the street term for a range of drugs that comes in pill form, varying in shape, size, and colour. Even though pills are suppose to be MDMA, they can contain a variety of different substances sometimes with no MDMA at all.



You can be that friend who makes the party better for everyone. Want to find out how?


+ Increased energy
+ Decrease appetite
+ Dilated pupils
+ Visual distortions
+ Dry mouth, jaw clenching
+ Muscle tension
+ Nausea and vomiting
+ Restlessness

+ Increased heart rate
+ Increased body temperature
+ Decreased electrolyte levels
+ Change in body temperature      regulation
+ Insomnia
+ Erectyle dysfunction
+ Headache, dizziness


+ Mood lift
+ Feelings of love and empathy

+ Feelings of closeness and
  comfort to others
+ Post trip crash
+ Overwhelming emotional
+ Depression post partying

+ Increased awareness
+ Decreased fear and anxiety
+ Sense of inner peace
+ Intense situations
+ Visual hallucinations

+ Short term memory loss
+ Psychological crisis

+ Excited Delirium Syndrome



+ Anti depressants = risk of serotonin syndrome

+ 5HTP/L-Tryptophan = risk of serotonin syndrome

+ Other antidepressants = can counteract the effects of the pill

+ PMA = extreme risk of fatal serotonin syndrome

+ Strong stimulants = heart strain

+ Cannabis = overly intense ecstasy experience

+ Alcohol = you may be able to drink more which may increase the risk of alcohol poisoning, liver/ kidney damage and loss of memory

+ Antibiotics = Some inhibit an enzyme that breaks down MDMA. Potentially dangerous. Do your research

+ It is not recommended to use ecstasy if you suffer from: Insomnia, anxiety, depression, other mental health problems, hypertension, heart problems, high blood pressure


Taking drugs is never without risk.  The effects can vary greatly from one person to another.

+ A standard recreational dose is between 1mg and 1.5mg MDMA per Kg body weight Example: a dose for someone that weighs 70kg is between 70mg and 105mg

+ Start with a quarter to a half pill for testing the effects as purity and strength may vary.

+ If you are using ecstasy for the first time or you have a low tolerance, it’s safer to start with a low dose (quarter of a pill or half a capsule)

+ Re-dosing may increase neurotoxicity.

+ Wait for at least 2 hours before re-dosing



Total Duration:



Coming Down:

After Effects:

4 - 6 hours

20 - 90 minutes

2 - 3 hours

1 - 2 hours

2 - 72+ hours

+ Most commonly swallowed but can be snorted or shelved (rectal).


+ The effects of the drug wear off after 5 hours, although the drug is still active in your system for 10 hours after you have taken it. It is important to take drugs into account if you are planning to take other drugs in conjunction with ecstasy.

+ Roadside drug test: Detectable with saliva testing for at least 24 hours after use.


+ Try to use in a safe environment with friends and people you trust - somewhere you feel comfortable

+ Remember to keep your fluids up if dancing/ exercising - around 600ml an hour maximum

+ Alternate water with sports drinks to keep electrolytes up if dancing/exercising

+ Do your research! Try and find out what is in the pill, what other people’s experiences have been and if it has any negative side effects.

+ Look after your mates, find out what they’ve taken

+ Try to buy from a trusted and reliable source who will tell you about any changes in quality, etc

+ If you haven’t tried a particular kind of pill, lower your dose - you won’t know how it will affect you until you try it

+ Remember to eat well before and after using

+ Taking magnesium may help decrease jaw clenching and muscle tension



+ Snort water before and after to avoid damaging the protective lining in your nose

+ Use your own straw to prevent risk of BBV (blood borne viruses) transmission via tiny amounts of blood

+ A clean straw is preferable to a rolled note - money is unhygienic


+ Make sure all equipment is new and sterile

+ Use lubrication to avoid tearing skin

+ Using a condom or latex gloves can help avoid internal scratches

+ Wash your hands thoroughly before and after

+ Find a discreet and safe place to do it

Information provided by Harm Reduction Victoria's DanceWize program


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