When partying most people know how to have a good time but you must also know how to do so safely.


GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) comes in different forms; most of them have a very salty taste or taste like liquorice. 1,4B and GBL on the other hand are described as tasting ‘like drink- ing liquid plastic’ or a strong, unpleasant, bitter, chemical taste.

1,4B when pure is an oily solid until it reaches 21°C when it will turn into thick clear liquid. If the 1,4B is diluted 50/50 with water, expect it to turn solid (or ‘freeze’) at around 10°C. GBL, when pure, is a clear liquid and only freezes into a solid at -44°C.


+ Remember: Combining GHB with alcohol is an extremely dangerous combination and can cause overdose and death

+ Look out for your mates - know what and how much they have taken and tell them what you have taken

+ Use your phone to record the time of your doses to help you keep track of time or set a timer so that you don’t re-dose too soon

+ It’s best to keep G in a clearly marked glass container and to replace your plungers regularly. G is corrosive and may melt plastic

+ It is also a good idea to add food dye to your GHB so someone doesn’t mistake it for water

+ Sticky tape can be used to cover the measurement markings on a syringe/plunger to prevent them from corroding/wearing off

+ It is best to replace your syringe regularly but try not to change syringe style as it can be hard to adjust to the new syringe

+ Try diluting the GHB in water so that it is easier to measure out a single dose. 10ml of GHB diluted in 1 cup (250ml) of water means a standard dose is now 25ml. You still need to be really careful not to take too much.


+ GHB has a steep dose response - the difference between a euphoric response and overdose is small. Average dose is 1ml and as little as this can cause an overdose.

+ It is a good idea to start with a small dose and to measure your dose. Give it plenty of time to work

+ Try to avoid re-dosing for 2 hours

+ When re-dosing, it is best to do so with a lower amount than your previous dose.

+ Try to have a friend with you who can keep track of time. Tell your friend what you have taken and when you took it.

+ GHB doses build on one another (e.g. the third dose can feel more potent than the first) so it is a good idea to lower your dose progressively throughout a session

+ It is best to dose yourself so that you know how much you have had

+ If you are worried about your measurement, ask someone else to check it



You can be that friend who makes the party better for everyone. Want to find out how?


Total Duration:



Coming Down:

After Effects:

1.5 - 5 hours

10 - 20 minutes

45 - 90 minutes

15 - 30 minutes

2 - 4 hours


+ Decrease motor skills
+ Lack of coordination
+ Relaxation
+ Involuntary muscle twitches
+ Repetitive motions
+ Grogginess

+ Nausea and vomiting
+ Unconsciousness
+ Convulsions
+ Depressed breathing
+ Other effects similar to
  alcohol intoxication


+ Mood lift
+ Euphoria
+ Happiness

+ Relaxation

+ Reduced social inhibitions
+ Increased appreciation of
 music, dancing, talking
+ Increased sexual desire
+ Others appear more attractive
+ All of the above can lead to
  unwanted sexual encounters



+ Oral administration


+ Alcohol = nausea, vomiting and overdose.

+ GHB combined with alcohol is a particularly risky combination as both are processed by the liver.

+ Alcohol will always be processed first as the GHB floats on the alcohol; this means that if you have a dose of GHB, drink alcohol, and then have some more GHB your body will process the alcohol followed by the 2 doses of GHB. This can lead to overdose as your body may not be able to cope with the 2 doses at once. We highly recommend avoiding this combination.

+ Depressants and opiates = overdose, difficulty breathing and ultimately respiratory failure which may lead to death.

+ Ecstasy = heart strain.

+ Stimulants = heart strain. These drugs work against each other, the GHB will slow down your CNS while the stimulant will speed it up. In an emergency this makes it hard for paramedics to diagnose which substance you actually need treatment for.

+ A particularly difficult combination is that of ice and GHB - in an emergency those trying to help are often confronted with aggression and confusion, as the person requiring treatment doesn’t know what is going on and can quickly go from being unconscious to wide awake. In these cases help from security or the police may be required.

+ It is not recommended to use GHB if you suffer (or have suffered) from: Liver problems, kidney problems, or stomach ulcers.


+ GHB remains active in your system for up to 5 hours after you have taken it and long after the effects have worn off. It is important to take this into account if you are planning to use other drugs in conjunction with G

+ Roadside drug test: Not detectable in saliva testing


Information provided by Harm Reduction Victoria's DanceWize program


+ G, GBH, Fantasy, Juice, OJ