When partying most people know how to have a good time but you must also know how to do so safely.


+ Try to eat healthy food including lots of fresh fruit and veggies

+ Don’t trade breakfast for alcohol before going out; your body needs the nutrients to fuel itself.

+ Hydration is extremely important - make sure you drink plenty of water before you start drinking alcohol

+ Regular exercise can prepare your body for a day of dancing, not to mention maintaining good health.

+ Make sure you have enough supplies and money to make it through, especially for multi day events.

+ It's a good idea to prepare for Monday commitments before you party too.



+ Being with people you trust will enhance your experience

+ Stay with and keep an eye on friends. Know what they have had, just in case they need help. Make sure they will look out for you and do the same back


+ Bright flashing lights and crazy décor can cause you to feel way more out of it. If it becomes overwhelming, go somewhere to chill out and gather your thoughts.

+ Familiarise yourself with the place where you’re partying; find out where the toilets, food, and first aid are located.


+ Try to eat regularly during long events. Fruit smoothies can be a great to replenish nutrients without having solids.

+ Always carry a bottle of water. Drink about 600ml of water per hour when dancing. Also if active, alternate water with sports drinks to replace electrolytes.

+ Pick a good meeting spot with your mates and decide on times to meet. This way if you get lost you know where to find your friends.


+ Slip, slop, slap! Don’t get sunburnt at outdoor events.

+ Find a place to chill when making decisions or plans for the day (especially when re-dosing).

+ Keep track of how much you’ve been drinking and/or what drugs you’ve had. Don't over do it!


+ Plan a safe way home! Don’t drive under the influence.

+ Replenish your body: food, water and vitamins are key.

+ Shower and brush your teeth even if you can’t be bothered, it will make you feel relaxed and ready for bed.
Caution: If you have been using amphetamines really hot showers can bring on the effects again so be careful!

+ Have a chill session with your favourite mates.

+ Watch light hearted funny movies to help you relax.



You can be that friend who makes the party better for everyone. Want to find out how?

Information provided by Harm Reduction Victoria's DanceWize program